Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are pairings allowed?
A: Yes!

Q: Are other characters that are not Turks allowed?
A: Pinup art and cosplay should be Turks only, but other characters can show up in text as long as the Turks remain the main focus.

Q: Is NSFW/Adult content allowed?
A: This is a pinup zine, so risqué pieces are to be expected. However, there will be no visible genitals nor explicit sexual acts. Text can have up to an M rating. Due to the adult themed nature, we require everyone involved to be 18+

Q: Will there be merch?
A: Yes, we are planning both physical and digital merch. Our main merch goal is to create an actual calendar with the illustrations that will be used in the zine.

Q: Is there a particular timeline in canon that we have to stick to?
A: The meta narrative begins during BC, but will continue on into the current timeline. Therefore, we can have pinups of both BC and R Tseng. We also plan to include "past" photos in order to include Vincent and possibly young Veld. Pinups of Elena and Cissnei are expected to be post time skip.

Q: Which black cat charity are you donating to?
A: We are considering 2 or 3 relevant charities and splitting proceeds between them. Final decision will be decided by contributor vote.

Q: Where is this zine based?
A: The zine will be shipped out from the USA.

Q: When will the zine ship?
A: We expect to ship late October. Please keep in mind there could be considerable delays in receiving your order due to COVID.


From ShinRa With Love is a Final Fantasy VII zine starring the Turks.

Our goal is to feature every Turk from the compilation of FFVII (inclusive of Turk Vincent) and present the project as company pin-up project, in keeping with the theme of corporate ShinRa.

We are looking for short fiction written as if by a member of a Turks fanclub (like the fan clubs in Crisis Core) and art to compliment these, although they need not be collaborations.

Pinup art and cosplay should be Turks only, but other characters can show up in text as long as the Turks remain the main focus.

What We're Looking For:
15-20 artists5-10 cosplayers5-10 writers
Zine Specifications:
7 x 10 inchesPerfect-boundSoftcover
Contributor Requirements:
Must be 18+Must not whitewash POC charactersMore than one character per contribution is welcome!Discord is not necessary but highly encouraged as it is our primary method of communication. Our secondary method is through emailYour piece(s) for this zine must be entirely newWe ask that contributors wait until moderators give the okay to post previews of your piece(s) on social mediaIn order to be fair to all our contributors, if you miss more than one check-in without communicating with the moderators, you may be removed and replaced with a pinch hitter
Artists will be provided a template with a print and bleed guide they must follow300 DPICMYK format
Cosplayers will be required to sign an agreement confirming you are 18+We will request written permission from your photographer to print the photos in the zinePhotos submitted must not have a watermark or logoPhotographers can send a watermark or logo separately as a transparent PNG to be added to the images during layoutDo not darken your skin nor exaggerate your features to cosplay a POC characterFollow all precautions given by the CDC in relation to COVID
400-800 wordsBeta read by a moderator, but you're welcome to utilize a preferred beta in additionFics will be written as if by a member of a Turks fanclub (like the fan clubs in CC) submitting to a magazine
When contributor applications open on March 26, the answer to the final question on the form is "catboyreeve"

Contributor Rewards:
The current plan for contributor compensation is a free digital copy of the zine, and any other digital goods. If contributors would like physical goods, then they can pay the manufacturing cost + shipping. The reason for this is to prevent the cost of physical contributor copies from taking away from our donation to our chosen charity (Black Cat Rescue).


Apps Open: March 26
Apps Close: April 16
App Results: April 25
Check-In 1: May 16 (Sketch/Outline)
Check-In 2: June 13 (50% complete)
Check-In 3: July 11 (90% complete)
Final Check-In: August 1
Shop Open: August 13
Shop Close: September 19
Fulfillment and shipping: October 2021
Digital Zine Release Halloween 2021